Reach the exit with limited movement.


I didn't get a lot of things done this time around. I totally skipped sound and could have spent more time on the graphics. I think i will flesh it out though could it could be a challenging game.

EDIT: i think i may have made this far to easy. i think the path to the exit may be a bit too obvious i really needed to implement some other tile types but i will do that post jam and get everything tidied up.


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This is a really clean game. Not many loose ends, and to quote MaplePoki, a great base for a puzzle game. Of course other features like highscore and a level selector could improve it. One bug I found is in level 4 (assuming you start in level 1) you can get stuck on the bottom going back and forth and be unable to complete the level.


this feels like a good base for a puzzle game! you might want to add a timer maybe and measure it to deduct points or something hahaha

for a small prototype this is actually well fleshed out! i feel like you can add so much more content into this!